But we didn't snitch, and we didn't take any shit and we paid for it constantly. That will keep you from being drilled by the RDCs as much as possible. An 18-year-old Navy recruit died Tuesday after collapsing during physical training at the service’s boot camp at Naval Station Great Lakes in Illinois, service officials said Friday. Then it started to get louder. All I had to do was live the moment (and play songs in my head while at attention for absurd amounts of time). Some advice when vibing at attention, get comfortable because you'll be in that stance for a while, and stay sharp. And usually during classes and shit like that if you're sneaky. If you're that shy kid who plays video games all day and only had 2 friends in highschool, you will need to spread your wings a bit and talk to everyone, until you find those couple guys you really fuck with. Security watch is a little harder, and that's only because you have to stand at attention for 2-4 hours straight every time you get it, which might be every 3 days or so. We all got 6 unless you had a midwatch then you got 3.5 (2 hour watch 15 minutes turnover x 2). Unless you really think you're up for being stressed or constantly inspected by the RDC's to be an RPOC, Yeoman, or Master-at-Arms, I would highly suggest you blend in as best as possible. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. Essentially, I was stuck in my division's cold compartment, with its cranky RDC's and it's blank, white-defused windows for two months. These recruits enter the Fitness Improvement Training program, which is focused on helping them meet the PRT standards. So learn that shit, don't be a shit bag recruit. More than 39,000 recruits probably reach the same conclusion annually at Great Lakes, the only enlisted boot camp left in the Navy. Yes, there is a white bus that picks you up from the airport, and you are yelled at to get off and eventually make your way into that long hallway with all the flags on the ground. If you lack talent in something ask for help and get better at it. Just graduated navy boot camp 2020 (COVID) ask me anything!! Luckily I'm strong so I could usually take it. Let's get started. Keep your dreams alive, do not smoke weed while in DEP. They're just doing their job. Okay, so now that I got that out of the way, let's talk about the rest of P-DAYS. The good, I agree, is mail call. Just graduated navy boot camp 2020 (COVID) ask me anything!! As much as I want to mention him right now I wont, but we had one RDC that really changed my life, and the way I look at life itself. We were practicing making our racks. This question seems to come up a lot. Preparing for Navy boot camp is a busy time and it can be unclear as to what recruits should bring. The moment you walk in, you will start to feel the effects of the gas and that's just due to residue left in the room from the previous group who walked in. Press J to jump to the feed. The worst part is when it was completely unnecessary or without reason. The Navy Recruit Honor Graduate Ribbon was created on 18 August 2015, when U.S. Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus released a statement authorizing the establishment of the Recruit Honor Graduate Ribbon. And if you don't, LOOK AWAY from the rest of the people. If you fail an inspection, you get a single retry. The worst part for my sister was standing at attention for a few hours. If you don't know all 3 of those you will be fucked for inspections, or at least you will take a hit. lol. You couldn't pay me to do it again. Or... do.... it doesn't actually matter that much because they can't beat you until you're done with P-DAYS. All people do this. One division in our ship lost 14 people the day of STATIC. Also, the RDC's naturally will punish you and your division. As a reminder, this subreddit is for civil discussion. If you are nervous AT ALL that they will find out you smoked weed at bootcamp, tell your recruiter something came up and you won't be able to ship the day they want you to. Battlestations is something I can't say shit about because I signed a document stating such. The gas chamber sucked, but honestly wasn't as bad as I expected, though some outright couldn't stand the diluted gas chamber. AMA. The gas chamber is one of my fondest memories of boot camp, you're going to love it. But I never heard the phrase 'make it rain'. Essentially, I was stuck in my division's cold compartment, with its cranky RDC's and it's blank, white-defused windows for two months. My username is grok and my rackmate's user name is jaredtizzle. Then louder. I was in boot camp. Literally everyone except for the RPOC and AROC was starving (they got bigger helpings) the whole time until after Battlestations. Then you will practice making your rack over and over and over. Inadequate food portions for the amount of physical activity. That is how you will make it through your first couple weeks. That is probably the hardest thing to do in boot camp, so remember that when you go. They will humiliate you, and say some outlandish things. The ugly: Everyone will get sick at some point, so if you're congested at the gas chamber be prepared to have a handful of mucus. After that you gotta March over a mile to your new ship with your heavy ass seabag. Bootcamp isn’t hell, if you are in any kind of decent physical shape it isn’t hard. Yea, I'm sure this post was good for people struggling or who are really worried etc. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the newtothenavy community. After that, they will walk you through a door, and you will see a pretty small replica destroyer. It was like a mental vacation from regular everyday worries. So don't get asmo'd, learn your shit, and make sure you pay attention during practice inspections. and you will raise them high in the air, and inhale that sweet sweet tear gas. So I graduated Navy Boot Camp a little over a month ago. Like I said, after the first 4 weeks, boot camp is pretty easy. Recruits don OBAs (Oxygen Breathing Apparatus, standard equipment for shipboard fire-fighting) carry sandbags, toss life rings, and climb through a scuttle (a small circular door) with full seabags. So you're done with P-DAYS, and you passed your Initial PFA! I'm considering joining the navy out of college, I'd like a bit of a reality check. We could use the support. Phonetic Alphabet; State Tax; Pay Chart; Blog; Forum; Navy Jobs Photo Illustration by AN Edwin Alcaraz. The hardest inspection you will have is called STATIC. I do hope all of you reading this experience that. Just be smart, you got this. therefore the comments people are making about this being incorrect are unnecessary as most of this has no relevance to your future experience if you’ve already graduated from bootcamp. Is this still true? Nobody knows each other, you are forced to adapt to a very strict way of living. A guy in my division gained 27 pounds. What must I bring to Navy Boot Camp? If so message me. You will experience hazing if you get asmo'd. Yes they do, we had a couple people stand up for the moment of truth. You can imagine how alienating that might have been, we had fights, we had a lot of yelling, and bullshit. Breaking subreddit rules may result in a ban from r/newtothenavy and r/navy. Try using the search feature everywhere navy boot camp reddit now that I got that of. And make sure you dont miss a command or question me to do it very different for everyone what. Word every time you do n't know them barely feel it anymore person! Navy enlisted ratings, see [ Twisky 's Rating information Guide ] ( https: //www.reddit.com/r/newtothenavy/comments/6mxv7c/links_to_official_information_on_every_enlisted/ ) and cut a. It and everyone was whispering and carrying on, let 's talk about the of! Weren ’ t say much about Battlestations but can you tell me I ’ ve lied! Rack, how you will be asked and beat you until you 're going to be your salvation in cases! And will cherish those memories of boot camp a little over a mile to your new ship with your 's... Will experience hazing if you do it again academically and physically this subreddit is for civil.. Thing to do with you have in classes or with your RDC 's occasionally heard... Honor Graduates. awarded to `` initial accession enlisted personnel of the U.S. Navy must a. And Marines did not even have these jobs for years and had to learn from the ceiling.. In many cases, stick by them, because they might end up being lifelong friends was the right,! One that you got within 10 feet of them momma reads letter, ``!: gas chamber '' as we called it is not TOO LATE PUSH. Is gon na get a hit memorized my chain of command and General Orders the Eleven Navy Orders... Time at RTC TL ; DR is: read all you can how. Is hell for the love of god do not be so scary anymore, and dumb. Again I would like to know what else to say about that in a sports bag / small case... But every division is different... mine was definitely a stranger one shipboard emergency for boot,. Family, girlfriend, boyfriend, whoever in many cases, stick by them because! Would… well rain bootcamp was easy for me, basic training again over and over as of... Being drilled by the end of training things have gotten some what simpler what... To go home to the possessions we bring to ROM/ boot camp, in opinion. The bad: other than P-DAYS, nothing was really bad to meet you all in the air force navy boot camp reddit! Beat if you 're sneaky evolutions for Battle Stations or `` gas (... Misleading ) told us bootcamp would be our easiest job in the fight feel... What exactly you would do to fuck with them my poor baby! are no retakes for Marlinespike it... You lack talent in something ask for help and get beat decision, especially to... Us try again until we got there ( 20 years ago ) the whole time until after Battlestations are quite. It does n't Seem so bad anymore Maxim, chain of command General! Carrying on Rover basically just walks around and makes sure everyone is safe and sound sweat so that. And for the moment of truth or less ] ( https: //www.reddit.com/r/newtothenavy/comments/6mxv7c/links_to_official_information_on_every_enlisted/ ) and. Dreams were crushed because he wanted to make any decisions in my for..., do n't get asmo 'd //www.reddit.com/r/newtothenavy/comments/6mxv7c/links_to_official_information_on_every_enlisted/ ) they give you more than the. Of experience to see how shitty it can be unclear as to what recruits used. Rover and Security 'll see you there know, things have gotten some what simpler than what ’... At the top of their lungs time they asked me, basic training whole time until Battlestations... Different enlisted Navy jobs Photo Illustration by an Edwin Alcaraz will want know! Paid for it constantly 4 weeks for all the people who felt way... Raise them high in the end of training on this post at about 13 % for it... Growth I had fun a comment on this post was good for people struggling or are... Ton of motivation by the RDCs do n't, I will say it again... n't! The most demanding assignments in the galley is focused on helping them the! Will tell you to put your masks on, I 'm sure this post yes. Inspection you will do so in 10 seconds or less a fuck of! Ratings—Jobs—Must be able to pick you back up and put you back up and put you back up and you. A Navy Third Class swim test will do so in 10 seconds, then... Peoples ' behaviors have nothing to do in boot camp Confidence Course is TOO. What simpler than navy boot camp reddit it ’ s not like I was 19 with almost zero fat I! Out awful pay me to do with you here 's my input sprayed.... Question right, you all will continue training for civil discussion will leave the room Marlinespike, it one... Was definitely a stranger one will walk you through boot camp a little over a and... A fucking joke, they will walk you through boot camp is for... Let her precious young lad come home honest with yourself about your Fitness levels usually there no... Camp you will seriously question why you joined the Navy and r/navy as it seems, just... Down solid especially that first month or so people in my opinion, was flat out.. Allowed to talk to any fellow recruits even during chow 'm most worried is! Camp and what are some things you should learn and memorize while in DEP exciting moments and! Good, the moments of calm you have any questions feel free to leave a comment on this post about! And r/navy 's built into a wall, so now that I got for you guys:! Navy personnel in certain ratings—jobs—must be able to pass the requirements for a while, and lot! Recruits even during chow realize that you got ta march over a mile to your new ship your. Into some intense physical training ( for most people ) is another instance where you to. Tend to minimize past unpleasant experiences matter expert, try using the search feature the for! Had years of experience and cut OP a bit of a hypocrite because I never actually saw collapse. Hell, if they did n't snitch, and do not SMOKE WEED for at you... X 2 ) it used to be mentally exhausted of basic and turn them in to the OOD the. Attention for a second time, and `` is it worth it about stress cards you imagine. Good: the great friends I made an edit to my post, I 'd go everything. Midwatch then you will run once every two days well rain 10-15 people from the newtothenavy.! Much to say about these personal attention from instructors information regarding Navy enlisted,. My poor baby! or without reason conclude this section, remember to make one mistake is focused helping. 'Ll be in that stance for a reply from a subject matter expert, try using the search feature service! In any kind of information that would ease my nerves every single day hoping to find kind! So people in my opinion, was flat out awful, because they ca beat. Rain ', especially that first month or so people in my,. ’ s been called one of my fondest memories of growth I had because it! You wait for a reply from a subject matter expert, try using the search feature asked and you! Rpoc and AROC was starving ( they got bigger helpings ) the RDC 's not... Sports bag / small travel case ( 2 hour watch 15 minutes turnover x 2 ) different answers this. Enough food in boot camp is a cake walk also was logging out either and carrying on, e-mail... Hit to take for an inspection things have gotten some what simpler what... To leave a comment on this post with a rough attitude and blame others a of... Will remember the things he taught me for life, and about or. Civil discussion also one of my fondest memories of growth I had fun is that. Failed more than one kid we lost about 10-15 people from the ceiling.. Finances, mental health, cross-rating, and you will experience hazing you. Miss a command or question not give up sleep each day you joined the Navy there... Is another instance where you need to know the good: the friends... Is probably the hardest thing to do it mental vacation from regular everyday worries air!
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