In the picture, my dad is holding a steelhead that he caught in Lake Ontario. 17 Best Salmon Fishing Lures by Captain Cody. Choose the right lure color. Now give a sharp, quick jerk of your rod momentarily dipping your lure underneath the surface and creating a small splash. Meaning, you can set out multiple types of rigs simultaneously to maximize your potential targets. Learn new fishing skills, boating resources, fishing etiquette, conservation and more. When you find a school, try casting a Tuna Rigged Hogy at them. Now let’s talk about how to catch salmon and steelhead in rivers, streams, and creeks. This flasher is 8-inches … When saltwater trolling, anglers will typically put out anywhere between two and nine lines with lures … These techniques are good ways to fish up to about 80 feet deep. Alewife silver black, Traders Back Magic, and Natural Born Killer are awesome spoon colors. This plug should be set far back behind the boat, really far back, the line is only to far back when there is no line left on the reel or when a turn is made and all the lines cross. You can jig them vertically, cast them at a school or troll them. Started in freshwater, Rapala’s saltwater designs became a welcomed asset to offshore anglers as well. Still, saltwater is corrosive and purchasing multiple sets of lures can chalk up quite an expense over a season, which is why there are several DIY options available nowadays for anglers interested in learning how to make saltwater trolling lures on their own. However, in the great lakes, each angler can fish two poles. Eight-pound fishing line with 6-pound fluorocarbon leaders is the standard setup for salmon and steelhead fishing in rivers. This Rapala X-Rap is 2 1/2 inches long and weighs 1/8 ounce. While not considered to be an ideal form of fishing for beginners, trolling for fish is a major challenge many anglers aspire to master.The open ocean is home to several species of pelagic fish that any angler would be proud to bring home. Notice the salmon fishing reel with a line counter. Typically salmon trolling speeds are from 2 mph to 3.5 mph. My dad and I started trolling for steelhead in Lake Erie with moderate success. The salmon eggs sacks are about eight salmon eggs packaged together in a mesh netting material. My favorite presentation is a straight troll. Rapala has been a standard in the fishing industry for many years. Sign-up to receive our monthly newsletter with interesting blogs about fishing and boating. Salmon and steelhead fishing starts to get good in late September. Little Cleo spoons are great for trolling for salmon and steelhead near the surface. The flasher in the picture is chrome green. The Stinger Stingray spoon is 4.25 inches in length. Spoons. The fly should match the flasher and the best color depends on the conditions but we typically use green flashers with ultra-violet or green or flies. We would troll right by the mouth of the rivers in the fall with Little Cleo’s and generally catch a few steelhead on an average day and catch a dozen steelhead on a good day. The deep-diving husky jerk is similar to the bandit and is also used … These come in a standard smooth finish and in a hammered series that gives a great texture to the spoon and looks like fish scales. The primary advantage of tying a Rapala Knot is that it is one of the strongest loop knots, making it a wise choice when targeting larger fish species. They certainly can also be used in combination with those devices. Most salmon and steelhead are hatchery fish that are released as smolt. Allow the ripples from the initial splash to die down. This is a light spoon that can be trolled slow 1.8-2.5 mph on lines set deep on downriggers. If two people are on the boat only four poles can be used while trolling, which is limiting but still catches fish. On the other hand, crappies tend to school at more moderate depths, in which case a simple flat-lining rig might do. There are stream gauges that can be found online that can be checked before going fishing. Learn how to fish by trolling with lures to master one of the most popular methods of fishing while boating. I have caught pink and coho salmon in Alaska on the J-12 version of the plug which is slightly larger. To fish them down deep a downrigger setup can prove effective at getting a precise swim depth or lead core lines can also be used. You mentioned about the little Cleo spoons 3/4 ounce length 3 3/8 well the 3/4 ounce does not come in the length of 3 3/8 it comes only in 2 1/2 in. Some fish — usually in clear water, in shallow water, or near the surface — are extremely wary, which greatly affects how and where you set trolled lures. The lake trout were caught using a black and silver Dreamweaver spoon. Am I missing something? The depth of the ball can also be seen on the fish finder when the ball is set shallow or when trolling slowly.
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