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Top Sale Backyard Charcoal BBQ Grill

The AHL type BG1 Black BBQ grill is a unique line of grills for those who desire a more contemporary, elevated style. The Black grill is made from the same high quality materials and craftsmanship you will find in our regular line. However, instead of the regular corten rust surface that develops on the original models, they are coated with a high temperature paint that gives the Black BG1 its distinguished Matte Black Finish. The AHL type BG2 BBQ grill with tall base and cook top ring plate elevate the art of outdoor cooking with the sleek, contemporary look and outstanding functionality. Building a wood or charcoal fire in the center of the grill, the cook top heats from the center out. This heat pattern results in higher cooking temperatures closer in as compared to the outer edges so a variety of foods can be cooked at various temperatures all at the same time.
Term No.:
BG1, BG2
Corten Steel and Carbon Steel
100mm(D)*100mm(H), 850mm(D)*100mm(H)
Rustic, Black Painted

The AHL type BG1 Black BBQ grill
outdoor cooking grills

The AHL type BG2 BBQ grill
backyard grill charcoal bbq


outdoor garden home decor steel gas burning fire pit with bbq grill

corten bbq grill

outdoor heating bbq
Top cooking ring plate

The removable cook top ring plate is laser cut from 10mm carbon steel. Two size optional:850mm and 1000mm diameter.  It’s ring wide is 400-550 mm, enough space for cooking. After special treatment, the grill is inclined to the middle. So the oil will flow to the middle hole. Do not worry about the safety.
barbecue top cooing raing grill

The spun bowl

Tthe spun bowl is a high grade of US CORTEN steel or "weathering" steel. Thickness is 2mm and it’s color is rusty red. This is the characteristic of corten steel, Rust will prevent further corrosion, and it’s color will darker and darker.

bbq charcoal grill for outdoorThe down base

The base is also crafted of CORTEN steel and is designed with "Classic" lines and unsurpassed functionality. This is a place to store firewood. It has a lot of space and can store many firewood.
And at the bottom we have two options: one is with height -adjustable stand. If the ground is not level, you can adjust it to make the grill level. Another is with wheels, It can be easily pushed, and each wheel has a lock, can fix the wheel well.
barbecue grill tables

Other  outdoor cooking grills accessories 

wood burning grill partstable grillrusty fireplace outdoor bbq


outdoor kitchen bbq smoker
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