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Chinese Antique Screen

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Chinese Antique Screen

Fresh and elegant Chinese screen is the most common in the market; the price is different according to its choice of material, carving technology, size and so on. Cheap ones only need a few hundred dollars, while the superior quality screen is expensive.

Chinese-style screen gives a gorgeous, elegant feeling; the screen depicts a variety of patterns, like flowers and insects, fish, and characters. Under skilled craftsmen, these screens make still pictures lively and vivid. If you like elegant, beautiful Chinese furniture, then the Chinese-style screen is undoubtedly a good match.

Of course, even if the home style is not based on Chinese design, you can also choose the Chinese screen. The reconciliation of different design elements may be able to bring unexpected results.

The Japanese-style screen is closer to Chinese-style screen design style, Traditional Japanese-style screens are also based on historical stories, people, plants, etc. Colors also use gold, gray, white and other soft colors, but in the market, authentic Japanese-style screen is difficult to find.


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