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Why do pre-rusted treatment on weathering corten steel?

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         First of all, due to the strong corrosion resistance of weather resistant Corten steel plates, the color of weatherproof steel plates, changes from the new steel plate to a stable, dense rust-red protective layer, generally goes from blue-black to light-yellow to orange-red. Then to rust red, the final red-brown dramatic, uneven process of change. At least, it takes a period of 1 to 2 years in southern China and it may take 5 to 6 years longer for some dry areas. Even in southern China, simple rust-yellow color will take 2-3 months and it will easily be wiped off the rust layer. For most of the real estate or park construction garden landscape project, the duration is tight, generally completed within three months, this is undoubtedly one of the most difficult to overcome the problem!


         Secondly, the natural rust-forming weathering steel rust formation process is affected by the local geographical location, local weather, location (facing the southeast or northwest), etc., and it is easy to form a rust layer with uneven color and a rust layer with uneven rust thickness. , greatly affect the formation of the results, destroy the designer's effort!


         Thirdly, ordinary people are relatively unfamiliar with weathering Corten steel plates. When they face these two problems, they often have no way to solve them. They easily think of poor quality projects made with ordinary steel plates, shoddy goods, However, the consequence is that ordinary steel plates form rust layers that are loose and detachable within one to two months. They fall off one by one and greatly affect the design results. They have a detrimental effect on the good design of the building, affect the construction period, affect the sales of real estate, and affect the construction, receiving project funds and other chain issues!


         AHL Trading Co., Ltd. use unique rust treatment catalytic way, the principle is through a series of physical and chemical processes, the formation of catalytic red oxide film, in the outdoor temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, generally completed within three hours In the rust treatment process, the formed oxide film is stable and uniform in color thickness. It is not easy to be wiped off the rust layer and has no corrosion. It will not affect the continued formation of the surface rust layer in the later period. The environment is non-toxic and harmless, and does not affect the growth of the plant. It does not affect the mutual symbiosis between the limited materials and the surrounding plants, and reflects a sustainable design concept.


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